Our Advantages

Learn a new language… with a Montreal accent!

At the Montreal International Language Centre (MILC), you’ll soon learn why we get top marks from our students. MILC is located in the heart of the vibrant multicultural, multilingual city of Montreal, which is an ideal place to learn all about a new language and a new culture.

Montreal is a safe, affordable city renowned for its cultural events, fine restaurants and chic shopping. MILC is located in a lively area known for its Asian, Persian and French restaurants, culturally diverse grocery stores, trendy cafés, and hip clothing boutiques. You’ll be immersed in your new language and speak it while you shop, eat, and play!

MILC offers top-quality language courses accredited by Languages Canada. Our staff and teachers help you to make a smooth transition to your new home and create a friendly place for you to learn. You’ll study under the guidance of dedicated native-fluent teachers in small-sized classes designed to give you individual attention and encourage friendships.

Students in ClassGroup ClassTeacher teaching

Photos by Laura Mogollon

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by learning a new language. At MILC you’ll gain friends, career opportunities, and a whole new outlook on life. The only thing you’ll lose is your fear of making mistakes. Now that’s an A+!


  • Top quality programs accredited by Languages Canada
  • Safe and affordable city
  • Downtown location
  • Multicultural cosmopolitan destination
  • Experience the Montreal Way of Life
  • Be immersed in the language you are learning and use it on a daily basis
  • Native-fluent dedicated teachers
  • Reduced size groups
  • Several languages taught
  • Improve your career chances
  • Gain new insights and outlooks through new relationships/friends
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Other partnerships :
  • Tizi Ouzou, ALGERIA